Imagine a world, where people in developing countries can grow a tree by their home, to use as a source of food, but also to purify their water.  That dream is becoming reality today.


It is our mission, here at Green Leaf Boutique to help those less fortunate.  Not only will your stay be peaceful and luxurious, but you will leave feeling proud that your visit has helped thousands of locals. 


We are developing a revolutionary water purification method using seeds from the Moringa tree (Marum in Khmer).  The Moringa tree has been used all around the world for thousands of years as a source of food.  Because the leaves from the tree provide all the Proteins, Vitamins, Calcium, Iron, and Potassium that the human body needs to survive. 


There is more to what this tree can do.  Recent research has shown that Moringa seeds effectively purify contaminated water. 


Moringa seeds act as a natural flocculant; turning cloudy, dirt filled water into crystal clear water.  Further studies show that the seeds also have a protein that eliminates the E-coli bacteria and kills other harmful organisms, such as the streptococcus virus. 


Your Stay at Green Leaf Boutique will help us

 Produce a product that purifies water by using Moringa seeds
 Distribute the product for free to families with no access to clean drinking water
 Help locals farm their own Moringa trees
 Fund water education programs for families in rural communities


During your stay you can learn more about the Moringa tree by speaking to our staff, or take a tour to a Moringa farm.  We also have a menu of healthy Moringa infused foods and beverages that you can enjoy.