Over the past few years, some tour companies unfortunately decided to sell tours to orphanages where tourists could go and snap photos with the kids. This practice is highly inappropriate and unsafe for the children. Due to this reason, a lot of legitimate agencies supporting orphanages are receiving less help from donors.

The reason we support this particular orphanage, is because our founders have been going there for years, bringing aid to kids. Because of that we have gotten to know the kids, seen them grow up, and now some of them work for us. This is why we have adopted this orphanage in order to continue helping the rest of the kids there and to give them a bright future.


We like to note that:
We do not offer tours to the orphanage.
We do not disclose the location of the orphanage to those who do not qualify to take part in our programs
We do not ask our guests to pay us to be part of the programs


Every few months, we will post an upcoming project at the orphanage. Usually it involves construction of a new facility, renovations, or maintenance. Sometimes it can be a medical checkup for the kids, or taking them on a field trip.

Once the project is announced on our website and social media, guests who are staying with us during that time period can sign up to volunteer and help out.


For example:
We may announce that we want to build a new classroom. You have trades skills and have an extra couple of days during your trip to spare. You can sign up and come out to help during the construction.
We may announce that we want to run a medical day for the kids. Bringing doctors and nurses from the local hospital to do checkups. You are a medical student or have medical experience. You can sign up and come out to assist the local doctors.


Below you can see our recent, ongoing and upcoming projects.



Please note:
For projects that require one of one time with the kids, such as medical days, teaching, day trips, etc. we will ask you to provide a police background check from your home country.
We always have one of our staff members accompany our guests and volunteers to the orphanage. So all visits are supervised.
As we have a set budget for these programs, from time to time we will ask our volunteers to help fundraise in order to reach our goals. Our hotel will provide funding and resources, but sometimes expenses are more than we have available. Please note that we are dedicated to being transparent, so any money you raise, you will spend it yourself. You will accompany us to purchase and pay for supplies so you can see where they money goes to.