Our concept is simple; using profits & resources from our hotel, putting them towards programs that make positive impact on lives across Cambodia.


“Feel good about your stay” is our motto. Meaning that the money you spend here goes towards something good.


There are three main capacity building programs that we have ongoing, you can learn more about them below, and find out how you can help.





Our staff members are like family to us.  We have known them for years.  Most were orphans that came from extreme poverty.  Throughout the years we have financially and emotionally supported them, and now they are working with us earning great salaries at our hotel.   They are able to make a living, and give back to their own communities. 


We provide our staff with:
Equal opportunities
Competitive Salaries
Paid Education
Housing Assistance
Medical Insurance
Fair work Hours
Vacation Time
Savings & Pension Plans


We Recycle
We are a Green Facility
We are an Organic Facility
Locally Sourced Art & Decorations
Locally Sourced Building Materials
Locally Sourced Trades
Locally Sourced Food
Education Programs for Guests
Benefits for Staff
Health & Safety Inspections for Staff
Health & Safety Inspections for Guests